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Who Can Benefit
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bullet PE Firm/ VC Firm
Investment Banking Firm with asset linkages
bullet Business Owner or Principal
bullet Venture Debt Provider
bullet LBO/ Mezzanine Firms
bullet Cash Flow  optimization
bullet Optimal EBITDA
bullet Market Alignment
bullet Management Consultancy
bullet People driven workforce 
bullet Global market expansion
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We want to hear from you, if you have an asset that:
conjoin Has high potential of growth to be the market leader
conjoin Has a people driven work force mix
conjoin Has promising Technology or Service offering(s)
conjoin Has interest in expanding into global markets


At ConJoin, we partner with Private Equity and Venture Capital firms by investing additional capital for target assets. We are capable to invest with PE firms. We are focused on unlocking the real potential of your asset. We make a rapid positive impact on your organization by partnering with executive management, transformational consulting, global service delivery & market expansion.

ConJoin strives to achieve the following for the portfolio assets:
bullet Capital (buy or invest alongside) existing parties – enabling comprehensive Business Transformation
bullet Transform business  efficiency
bullet increase in EBITDA
bullet Eliminate the need for additional capital from current investors
bullet Create superior options for a liquidity event
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