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Global Market Expansion
Global Market Expansion

Owing to constraints, most mid-life corporation's face a challenge in attaining critical escape velocity. Capital constraints may be withholding expansion of key areas and stifling innovation. A strategy which may not have accounted in shifting market realities, leads to a reactive approach. A lack of knowhow stifles innovation, which in turn limits the market reach. A lack of clear vision hampers overall growth and progress of an organization in the long run. All this artificially limits a mid-life corporation's ability to realize its full potential.

This is where ConJoin steps in. We provide a growth platform that adds significant shareholder value across multiple regions, where corporations can expand their market reach with fewer resources. We provide our partners with a variety of expertise, including developing leveraged sales models, building strategic partnerships, attaining global infrastructure requirements from established providers, and establishing cost savings through a shared services platform.

Our approach is built on extensive global experience. We formulate tailor-made strategies based on each partner's requirements and resources. We provide access to local partners who assist in accelerating the business with services such as due diligence, key business connections, cultural knowledge, and a world-wide network of industry contacts.

How it Works:

Conjoin is now looking to identify mid-market companies up to $2Billion of Enterprise value in the Information Technology and Business Services Sector. We are sector agnostic building on experience across multiple industry verticals.

ConJoin has partnered with leading private equity firms, infused new capital, delivered a suite of services designed to unlock potential value. A unique aspect of our model is that we not only provide you with a vision, we roll-up our sleeves and assist you with the execution to help attain your goals.

ConJoin has brought together teams which have years of experience with an array of issues including; Business Strategy, Capital Formation, and a deep heritage providing a unique global perspective that provides alternative delivery models for services, manufacturing and distribution.

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