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The Concept

New market entry opportunities are always looked upon as a way of generating rapid growth. However, corporations are faced with various challenges when they enter a new market. Be it capital for setting up base, supply chain, sales and marketing, and coordinating between various solutions providers etc., corporations have to interface with multiple support providers with no comprehensive solution in sight. Co-coordinating it all can be taxing for any corporation and then there is always the risk of entering the unknown.

With our model, ConJoin provides end-to-end support to our partners accelerate their global footprint and enhance profitability. One highlight of our model is that we align ourselves with our partners in a gain-sharing arrangement, where we jointly share the risks/ rewards with our partners. We provide our partners a platform to dream, visualize and execute their global expansion plans and thereby increase their revenues, profits and shareholder value.

We collaborate with our partners and research potential markets to help them formulate a strategy for market entry. Based on customer insights gained and market dynamics, we assist our partners in favorably positioning their offerings in the market. We team-up with our partners to develop the market for their products and build a strong brand image. Furthermore, we also assist them in finalizing the channel strategy and identify the right set of channel partners to take the product to the market, supported with a host of channel programs and leverage them for the best results.

Benefits of the ConJoin Partnership Model:
bullet Our partners can expand into fast growing markets with minimum risk since we provide them with local knowledge and customer insights
bullet Our partners can optimize their cost structure leveraging our existing global sales and distribution network
bullet Our partners can reduce their time-to-market using our resources
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