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Transformation Framework
Transformation Framework

Every step of the transformation process in our model is intricately detailed and revolves around the following:


An assessment is important from the point of view of gaining intrinsic knowledge of the processes involved in a business and various aspects of operations. This exercise enables one to understand better the gaps that may exist, between the strategic intent and execution. The following forms part of this exercise:

bullet Inputs are gathered on business strategy, technology landscape, processes involved, workforce analysis etc.
bullet At a higher level, cost benefit analysis, risk-return analysis is carried out to understand the true potential of an asset.
bullet Upon gathering all the requisite inputs, business plans are revisited, strategies are evolved for Products and Services, Financials, Operations and Resource utilization are planned.

Businesses need to constantly adapt and evolve with ever changing marketplace, owing to which, transformation has now become an essential part of the competitive business cycle. As part of transformation:

bullet Optimization kicks in with cost & resource optimization in the initial stage.
bullet Business Process Re-engineering helps analyze, map and de-risk business with an actionable roadmap.
bullet Consolidation of Technology and Infrastructure is done and a global service delivery model is leveraged for cost arbitrage.
bullet Marketing strategies are revised to help drive the top-line, which helps with re-investment in product/ service development and a platform to deliver them is introduced.
bullet Last but not the least, opportunities for consolidation within the industry are explored.

Around the globe, credit windows are slamming shut as market capitalization and economic growth evaporate. Liquidity is very important for a business, as liquidity provides fuel for survival and growth of business. As this stage of transformation process, there’s a shift of focus to:

bullet Brand enhancement and creating brand awareness, which helps in improving valuation significantly.
Transformation Framework
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