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Partner With Us
Partner With Us

ConJoin takes the “skin in the game” approach and provides with a vision along with execution to attain operational & strategic goals. We partner with Actis, a leading private equity investor in emerging markets, by investing additional capital for target assets.

We weave together a holistic solution in the form of capital investment, a strategic vision, fresh executive leadership, world class transformation consultants and a global execution platform. Key business leaders are experienced in transformation and execution, whom we place with our assets. Our leadership team provides both a vision and direction. Our global network helps you gain access across multiple regions where you can expand market reach with fewer resources at minimum risk. Through this, we also help you identify opportunities for rapidly expansive growth.

If you believe:

bullet Your business needs to realize its true potential
bullet You can employ management consultancy provided by people with relevant experience
Send us a detailed description of the existing setup and challenges that you are faced with, so we can jointly explore the world of opportunities together.
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